Bathing Our Bodies in Soot: The Crippling Health of the Niger Delta by Elizabeth Zheng

05 November, 2022
In the summer heat, the burning of oil in crude refineries prompts black snow to fall from the sky. This refinement emits carbon particles that have bathed the Niger Delta in soot, leaving its 30 million residents trapped in crises of poverty, sickness, crime, and environmental collapse. Doors and windows remain closed, face masks are worn everywhere, and all are cautious of leaving their houses as the air quality deteriorates in Nigeria. Miles out and into the coast, oil leaks from old underground pipelines have made their way into the water, leaving many citizens to struggle without their traditional livelihoods…

The Freedom the Ogoni People Seek

05 September, 2020
The Ogoni are an indigenous group occupying the southern part of Nigeria. Richly endowed with natural oil and gas resources and numbering about 1,000,000 people. It has capacity to produce an estimated 400,000 - 500,000 barrels of oil daily, more than the capacity of the rest of present day Rivers State. Ogoni can also generate more revenue than 20 Nigerian states put together, more than enough to run the Nigerian federation, but for corruption and looting. That drives you crazy right.